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በዲጅታል ኮምፐዬተራይዝድ የምዘና ሲስተም ውስጥ የገቡ የምዘና  ቨርዥኖችን ብዛት የሚያሳይ ሠንጠረዥ (እስከ ሰኔ 2011 ዓ.ም)
ተ.ቁ የሙያ ዘርፍና የሙያ ዓይነት የሙያ ደረጃ ሲስተሙ ውስጥ የገባ የቨርዥን ብዛት ምርመራ
1. Agriculture
1.1 Agricultural Cooperative Services
Agricultural Cooperative Development III 1
Cooperative Accounting and Auditing III 2
Cooperative Development III 4
Cooperative Accounting and Auditing Management IV 2
Cooperative Marketing Management IV 1
Agricultural Cooperatives Business Management V 1
1.2 Animal Health
Intermediate Animal Health Service III 6
Advanced Animal Health Service IV 9
Animal Origin Food Hygiene Service V 1
DA Livestock Production III 1
Veterinary Laboratory Service V
1.3 Animal Production
Artificial Insemination Technology Services III
Beef Production III 1
Beef Animal production III 1
Beekeeping III 4
Camel Production III
Dairy Production III 3
Equine Production III
Fish Production III
Poultry Production III
Sheep and Goat Production III
Sericulture Development III 2
Swine Production III
DA Animal Production and marketing Supervision IV 1
Animal Production and Marketing Management IV 4
Advanced Animal Production and Management V
1.4 Crop Production
Field Crops Production III 5
Horticultural Crops Production III 2
Stimulants and Spices Production III
Crop Production III 1
DA crop Production III 1
Crop Production Technique III 1
Crops Production and Marketing Management IV 5
Advanced Crops Production and Marketing Management V
1.5 Natural Resources Development and Conservation
Forest Development and Utilization II
Forest Development and Utilization III 2
Small Scale Irrigation Development II
Small Scale Irrigation Development III 2
Wildlife Conservation III
Land Administration and Use III 4
Soil and Water Conservation III 3
Agroforestry Development III 1
Non-Wood Forest Development and Utilization III
DA Natural Resources production III 2
Natural Resources Conservation and Utilization Management IV 7
Natural Resources Management V 1
2. Culture, Sports and Tourism
2.1 Culture
Fine Arts
Art Painting III
Art Painting IV
2.1.2 Museum
Museum Service II
Museum Service III 1
Museum Service IV 1
Museum Service V 1
2.1.3 Music
Dancing II
Dancing III 2
Dancing IV
Dancing V
Music Business Administration III
Music Business Administration IV
Music Business Administration V
Musical Instrument Playing III 1
Musical Instrument Playing IV 1
Musical Instrument Playing V
Musical Technical Production III
Musical Technical Production IV
Musical Technical Production V
Singing III
Singing IV
Singing V
2.1.4 Screen and Media
Photo Imaging Works III
Photo Imaging Works IV
Photo Imaging Works V Broadcasting/Journalism
Creative Broadcasting Support Services II
Broadcasting/Journalism III
Broadcasting/Journalism IV
Broadcasting/Journalism V
2.1.5 Records and Archive Services
Recordkeeping and Archives Services III 2
Recordkeeping and Archives Services IV 2
Recordkeeping and Archives Services V 2
Record and Archives Management III 1
Records Management and Archives Administration V
2.1.6 Library and Information Services
Library and Information Services III 3
Library and Information Services Operation IV 1
Library and Infomration Services Management V 3
2.1.7 Videography
Videography and Photography II
Videography III
Videography IV
Videography V
2.2 Tourism
2.2.1 Hotel and Hospitality
Housekeeping Operation III 2
Housekeeping and Laundry Supervison IV 1
Front Office Service III 2
Front Office Supervison IV 1
Food and Beverage Control III 1
Food and Beverage Service III 2
Food and Beverage Service Supervision IV 1
Foreign Dish Cooking III 2
Ethiopian Cultural Food Preparation III 1
Confectionery, Baking and Pastry Making III 1
Catering Operation III 1
Food Production Supervision IV 1
Cultural Bambo and Basketry Crafts and Design III 1
Hotel Management V 1
6.3.2 Beauty Care and Hairdressing (6)
Beauty Service III
Beauty Therapy IV
Hairdressing III 1
Hairdressing IV 1
Spa Management V
2.2.2 Travel and Tours
Tour Service III
Tour Operation Supervision IV
Tour Guiding III
Travel Agent Service III
Tourism Marketing IV
Tourism Management V
2.3 Sports
Coaching Football III
Coaching Football IV
Athletics Officiating Instruction V
Coaching Jumping Events III
Coaching Jumping Events IV
Coaching Long Distance Running and Race Walking III
Coaching Long Distance Running and Race Walking IV
Coaching Middle Distance Running III
Coaching Middle Distance Running IV
Coaching Sprints and Hurdle Running III
Coaching Sprints and Hurdle Running IV
Coaching Throwing Events III
Coaching Throwing Events IV
Coaching Volleyball II
Discus Throwing III
Discus Throwing IV
Field Play III
Basketball coaching IV 2
Basketball coaching III 1
Basketball Officing III 1
Basketball Officing IV 2
Basketball play III 1
Football Officiating II
Football Officiating III
Football Officiating IV
Football Officiating II
Football Officiating III
Football Officiating IV
Football Officiating II
Football Officiating III
Football Officiating IV
Goalkeeping III
Goalkeeping IV
Hammer Throwing III
Hammer Throwing IV
High Jumping III
High Jumping IV
Javelin Throwing II
Javelin Throwing IV
Libero Play IV
Long Distance Running III
Long Distance Running IV
Long Jumping III
Long Jumping IV
Middle Distance Running III
Middle Distance Running IV
Pole Vault III
Pole Vault IV
Race Walking III
Race Walking IV
Setting Ball IV
Shot Putting III
Shot Putting IV
Sprint and Hurdle Running III
Sprint and Hurdle Running IV
Triple Jumping III
Triple Jumping IV
Volleyball Officiating II
Volleyball Officiating III
Volleyball Officiating IV
Volleyball Officiating Instruction V
Volleyball Play II
Volleyball Play III
Volleyball Play IV
3. Economic Infrastructure
3.1 Air Transport
Aircraft Avionics Maintenance III
Aircraft Avionics Maintenance IV
Airport Customer Services III
Aircraft Engine Maintenance , III
Aircraft Engine Maintenance IV
Aircraft Hangar Line Maintenance III
Aircraft Hangar Line Maintenance IV
Aircraft Maintenance Management V
Aircraft Mechanical Components Maintenance III,
Aircraft Mechanical Components Maintenance IV
Aircraft Structure Maintenance III
Aircraft Structure Maintenance IV
Cabin Customer Services III
Cargo Customer Services III
Customer Service Management IV
Ramp Customer Services III
Ticket/Reservation Customer Services III
3.2 Energy
Power Distribution Network Infrastructure Systems Installation and Maintenance III
Power Distribution Network Infrastructure Systems Installation and Maintenance IV
Power Generation and System Installation and Maintenance -  Electrical / Electronics III
Power Generation and System Installation and Maintenance -  Electrical / Electronics IV
Power Generation and System Installation and Maintenance - Mechanical III
Power Generation Installation and Maintenance - Mechanical IV
Power Generation Operation III
Power Generation Operation IV
Power Generation and Substation Management V
Power Substation Operation III
Power System Operation IV
Power System Operation Management V
Power Transmission and  Distribution Management V
Power Transmission Systems Installation and Maintenance III
Power Transmission Systems Installation and Maintenance IV
Power Transmission, Distribution Inspection and Maintenance II
3.3 Information and Communication Technology
3.3.1 Information Technology
Database Administration III 17
Database Administration IV 10
Hardware and Network Servicing III 16
Hardware and Network Servicing IV 12
Web and Multimedia Designing and Development III
Web and Multimedia Designing and Development IV
IT Service Management V 5
Broad band NW operat &Maint IV 1
3.11.2 Telecommunication
Broadband Network Operation and Maintenance IV
Mobile and Wireless Network Operation and Maintenance IV 1
Mobile and Wireless Network Management V 1
Mobile and Wireless Network Operation and Maintenance IV
Optical Network Management V
Optical Network Operation and Maintenance IV 1
Telecom Cabling III 1
Telecom Digital Reception Equipment Installation III 1
Telecom Network Operation and Maintenance IV 1
Telecom Network Installation and Maintenance IV 1
Telecom Network Installation and Maintenance III 1
Telecom Network Management V 1
Telecom Rigging Installation III 1
3.3.3 Electrotechnology
Intermediate Electronics Communication and Multimedia Equipment Servicing III 3
Basic Home/Office Electrical/Electronics Equipment Servicing II
Intermediate Home/Office Equipment Servicing III 2
Instrumentation and Control Servicing III 6
Electrical/Electronics Equipment Servicing Management IV 3
Electro-Mechanical Equipment and mchinery maintenance IV 1
Intermediate Biomedical Equipment Servicing III 1
Biomedical Equipment Servicing Management IV 1
Biomedical Equipment Technology Management V 1
Mechatronics and Instrumentation Servicing Management IV 2
Electronics and Communication Technology Management V 1
Industrial Automation and Control Technology Management V 1
3.4 Marine Transport
Deck Seafaring III
Engine Seafaring III
Marine Electrical Servicing II
3.5 Railway Construction and Transport
3.5.1 Railway Construction Inputs Manufacturing/Production
3.5.2 Railway Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance
Rail Communication Works and Maintenance III
Rail Signaling Works and Maintenance III
Rail Traction Works and Maintenance III
Railway Bridge Construction and Maintenance III
Railway Civil Works Construction and Maintenance II,
Railway Civil Works Construction and Maintenance IV
Railway Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Management V
Railway Track Works and Maintenance III
Railway Track Works and Maintenance IV
Railway Traction and Control Works Installation and Maintenance IV
Railway Tunnel Construction and Maintenance III
Subgrade and Trackside Civil Works and Maintenance III
3.6 Road Construction and Transport
3.6.1 Road Construction
Bridge Construction and Maintenance III
Rigid and Flexible Road Surfacing III 5
Road Construction and Maintenance III
Road Material Quality Control III 3
Tunnel Construction III
On-site Road Construction and Maintenance Management IV 3
Construction Management V 1
3.6.2 Road Transport (Automotive) Servicing
Automotive Electrical / Electronics Servicing III
Automotive Engine Servicing III 9
Automotive Power Train and Underchassis Servicing (LD) IIII 3
Automotive Power Train and Underchassis Servicing (HD) III 3
Automotive Body Repair III 1
Automotive Vehicle Painting II
Automotive Vehicle Painting III 1
Automotive Servicing Management IV 1
Automotive servicing operation management IV 3
Automotive Technology Management V 1
3.7 Urban Development and Construction
3.7.1 Building Construction
Bar Bending and Concreting III 8
Carpentry II
Carpentry III 2
Masonry III
Building Electrical Installation II
Building Electrical Installation III 6
Sanitary Installation III
Plastering and Painting III
Tiling III 3
On-site Building Construction Management IV 4
Construction Management V
3.7.2 Urban Land Development
Cadastral Legal Registry Administration IV
Cadastral Surveying  Administration IV 2
Cadastral Surveying and Mapping Service III 1
Land Information Management System Administration IV 2
Mapping Service Administration IV 2
Real Property Valuation Technical Administration Iv 3
Real Property Valuation Technical Services III 1
Real Property Registry and Land Information Management System Service III 1
Surveying and Mapping Management V
Urban Land Development and Management V
Urban Land Development and Management Support Operation II
Urban Land Development and Marketing Administration IV
Urban Land Development Service III
Urban Planning Administration V
Urban Planning Service IV
3.7.3 Municipality Services Civil Registration
Civil Registration Operations and Services III 1
Civil Registration and Information Supervision IV 1
Civil Registration and Information Management V Community Participation and Mobilization
Awareness Creation and Resource Mobilization III
Community  Participation and Mobilization IV 1
Community  Participation and Mobilization Management V 1 Fire and Rescue
Firefighting and Rescue Operation II
Fire and Rescue Equipment Maintenance III
Fire and Rescue Operation and Communication III
Public Safety Awareness Creation III
Fire Incident Investigation, Analysis and Coordination IV
Public Safety Awareness and Law Enforcement IV
Fire and Emergency Management V Greening Infrastructure
Landscape Development III 2
Greenery and Beautification Development III 1
Greening and Beautification Management IV 1
Landscaping Management IV
Green Infrastructure and Beautification Management V Municipality Mortuary and Cemetery
Mortuary, Cemetery and FuneralOperations III
Mortuary Administration IV
Cemetery and Funeral Administration IV
Mortuary, Funeral and Cemetery Management V Regulatory Service
Regulatory Services III 1
Regulatory Services IV 1
Regulatory Services Management V Solid Waste Management
Transfer Station and Compost Operation III
Landfill Operation III
Solid Waste Inspection IV
Solid Waste Management V Water Utility
Wastewater Collection and Treatment III
Water Distribution II
Water Distribution III
Water Supply Operation IV
Water Treatment II
Water Treatment III
Wastewater Operation IV
Water Utility Operation and Asset Management V
3.7.4 Business and Financial Services Busines and Finance
Account and Budget Support III 15
Account and Budgets Service IV 5
Administrative Office Management V
Customer Contact and Secretariat Operations III 7
Customer Contact and Secretariat Operations Coordination IV 3
Financial Accounts Management V 1
Human Resource Operations III 3
Human Resource Supervision IV 1
Human Resources Management V 1
Legal Services Operations III 2
Legal Services IV 1
Legal Services Operations IV 1
Legal Services Management V 1
Marketing Services III 4
Marketing Operations Coordination IV 4
Marketing Operations Management V 1
Property Operations Coordination IV
Purchasing and Property Operations III 2
Purchasing Operations Coordination IV 2
Purchasing and Property Management V Document Authentication and Registration
Documents Authentication and Registration Management V
Documents Authentication and Registration Services IV
Documents Verification and Registration Operation III Security Services
Security Services III
Security Operations Management IV Transport Operations
Transport Operation Management V
Transport Service Supervision IV
Transport Service Support Works III
3.8 Water and Irrigation Construction
Irrigation and Drainage Designing and Construction III 5
Water Supply System Structure Construction II
Water Supply System Structure Construction III
Waterwell Drilling and Construction III
Waterworks Site Construction Management IV
Construction Management V
3.9 Surveying and Drafting
massonry III 9
Drafting II
Drafting III
Surveying III 8
Surveying IV 7
Surveying V 1
Drafting IV 3
Drafting III 3
4. Health
4.1 Ambulance Service and Emergency Care
Advanced Ambulance Service and Emergency Care IV
Ambulance Service and Emergency Care Management V
Ambulance Service and Emergency Care III 1
Emergency Medical Service III 1
Basic Ambulance Service and Emergency Care II
4.2 Dental Care
Dental Assisting II
Dental Prosthetics Making IV
Dental Health Technology IV 1
Dental Technology Services III
4.3 Environmental Health and Sanitation
Environmental Health Inspection IV
Waste Diversion III
Waste Handling II
4.4 Health Extension
Health Extension Management V
Health Extension Service IV 4
Health Extension Service III 7
4.5 Health Information
Health Information Administration IV 4
Medical Laboratory Services III 8
Medical Laboratory Services IV 7
Medical Laboratory Services Management V
4.7 Nursing Care
Anesthetic Nursing V 4
Comprehensive Nursing IV 11
Geriatric Nursing V
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing V
Midwifery IV 12
Midwifery Service Management V
Neonatal Nursing V
Nursing Assistance III 11
Nursing Service Management V
Operating Room (OR) Nursing V
Ophthalmic Nursing V
Pediatric Nursing V
Psychiatric Nursing V
4.8 Pharmacy
Hospital/Community Pharmacy Assisting III 8
Pharmacy Technology Services IV 13
Retail Pharmacy Assisting II
4.9 Massage and Physiotherapy
Massage Therapy III
Massage Therapy IV
Remedial Massage Therapy V
Physiotherapy Service IV
Physiotherapy Service Management V
4.10 Prosthetic and Orthotic
Prosthetic and Orthotic Service III,
Prosthetic and Orthotic Service IV
Prosthetic and Orthotic Service V
4.11 Radiography
X-ray Operation III
Radiography Services IV 2
5. Industry Development
5.1 Agro-Processing
5.2 Bamboo and Bamboo Products
Bamboo Processing and Marketing Management V
Bamboo Derivatives Production III
Bamboo Furniture Making III
Bamboo Industrial Processing III
Bamboo Processing Supervision IV
5.3 Cement Production
Cement Technical Production IV
Cement Production Technical Operation III 1
Cement Production Technology Management V
5.4 Chemical Manufacturing
5.5 Leather and Leather Products
Advanced Footwear Production III 1
Advanced Leather Garments Production III
Advanced Leathergoods Production III 5
Footwear production III 1
Footwear Production Supervision IV 2
Leather Garments and Goods Production Supervision IV
Leather Processing Equipment Operation II
Leather Good  and Garment Production Supervision IV 1
Leather Processing Supervision IV 2
Leather Processing Technical Operation III 1
5.6 Metal Engineering
5.6.3 Foundry Works III 1
5.6.5 General Metal Fabrication and Assembly III 8
5.6.7 CNC Machine Operations III 1
5.6.8 Machining III 3
5.6.10 Millwright III 1
5.6.11 Tool and Die Making III
5.6.13 Welding III
5.6.14 Metal Engineering Production Management IV 4
5.6.15 Metal Engineering Technology Management V 4
5.7 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
5.8 Printing and Publication
5.9 Sugar and Sugar Products
Sugar and Ethanol Production III
Sugar and Ethanol Production Supervision IV 1
Sugar and Ethanol Production Management V 1
Sugar Crops Production III 1
Sugar Crops Production Management IV 2
Advanced Sugar Crops Production Management V 1
5.10 Textile and Garments
5.10.1 Textile Garment Production
Advanced Apparel Production III 3
Apparel Fashion Designing and Technology Supervision IV 1
Apparel Production and Technology Management V
5.11.2 Textile Production
Spinning and Ginning Operations III
Textile Chemical Processing Operations II
Textile Chemical Processing Operations III 4
Weaving and Knitting Operations III
Textile Technology and Production IV 4
Textile Technology and Production Management V
5.12 Furniture Making
Furniture Making III 8
Furniture Making Management IV 3
6. Labor Affairs and Social Service
6.1 Labor Affairs
6.2 Social Service
Community Service Works III 1
Household Services II
Domestic Help II
Community Service Works IV 1
Community Service Works V
7. Mining and Extractive
7.1 Mining OP
Minral Extraction and Value addition
Minning and Minral processing
Lapidary III 1
Lapidary IV 1
Rubber Processing III 1
omposite processing III 1
Photography V 1
Photography IV 1
Photography III 1
Graphics IV 1
Polymer Processing management V 1
Polymer Processing operation IV 1
Polymer Processing operation III 1
Polymer Processing Supervision IV 1
Plastic Processing III 1
Plastering and Painting III 4
Polutery Production III 1
Graphics Art III 1
Document Verification and Registration Operation III 1
Intermediate Emergency Medical Services IV 1
Labour based Road Construction and Maintenances III 4
Livestock production III 1
Painting III 1
Painting Iv 1
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing III 1
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing management V 1
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Supervision IV 1
Insurance officer IV 1
Sanitary Installation work III 4
Sculpture III 2
Sculpture IV 1
Soap and Detergent Manufacturing Operation Supervison Iv 1
Spinning and Ginning Operations III 3
Stage Play Acting IV 1
Stage Play Acting III 1
Stage Play Acting V 1
Stage Play Writing IV 1
Stage Play Writing III 1
Stage Play Directing IV 2
Stage Play Directing V 2
Chemical Operation management V 1

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